Poodle Pictures
This is their favourite spot
......under my desk.
Family night in front of the TV. All the dogs want
to sit in my lap
Jackson all snuggled up for bed
These two bottom pictures are of our older mini poodles Jazzy and
JoJo. They are 12 & 13 years old but those pups keep them young.
I'm sleeping with one eye open so don't even think
about trying to take my elephant.
Charlie on vacation in South Carolina- I've got my
bone and my bed. I'm just a happy camper.
This is Cruiser. He now lives with Ann.
Hey, I'm not fat, I'm pregnant. Stop calling me a Jersey
Cow or I'll bite your ankle.
Puppy Pile
"Are we there yet?"
We just arrived in Myrtle Beach and they can't
wait to get out of the motorhome