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Bootzi- Chloe X Cruz
Gia- Truffie X Jackson
Baby Cruz- Ali X Cruz
Abbey- Truffles X Jackson
Myska- Abbey X Apollo
Scamp- Truffles X Jackson
Coco- Abbey X Apollo
Danny- Chloe X Cruz
Polly- Ali X Cruz
Daisy- Ali X Jackson
Millie- Truffles X Apollo
Bella- Truffles X Apollo
Rocco- Ali X Jackson
Emma- Ali X Jackson
Puppies from Previous Litters
Take a look at some of our babies
Cricket- Abbey X Apollo
Truffles and Apollo are the parents of the 2 pups above
Chocolate Teacup Girl- Chloe X Jackson
Bella- Shadow X Jackson
Teacup Poodles- Tiny Toy Poodles- Tiny Teacup Poodles
Black teacup poodle
Quincy- Teacup Boy- Ali X Jackson
Woody- Toy poodle Shadow X Cruz
Sophie- Tiny Toy Poodle - Shadow X Cruz
Dynasty- Tiny Teacup- Coco X Apollo