Meet the Parents
Our Girls
Copacabana Showgirl

Teacup Poodle Female

Lola is a dark chocolate brown phantom toy
poodle. She is 3 lbs 12 oz and 7.5" tall.

PRA-PRCD- Normal/Clear
Our Boys
Chocolate Covered Cashew

Cash Is a chocolate tuxedo. He comes from my
good friends at Luvtcuppoodles.
Cash is just a little guy, weighing 3 lbs 10 oz and
has that adorable baby doll face. We have kept
back two of his daughter, Prima and Sadie.

PRA-PRCD- Normal/Clear
Jack's In Brown
Jackson is a chocolate phantom poodle. He
comes from Adorable Poodles in California.
His daddy is from Velvet Touch parents.
Jackson surprised us when he started
showing phantom markings at about 5 months
old.  He is 4 lbs 8 oz and 8 1/2" tall.

teacup poodles in Canada
Sophie is a dark chocolate girl who will produce
some nice pups for us this year. She is 5.5 lbs and
8.75" tall. Her dad is a tiny guy only 2 lbs 10 oz. from
Velvet Touch.

PRA-PRCD- Normal/Clear
We have teacup poodle and tiny toy poodle
moms in a variety of colours.
Ontario Poodle Breeder of Teacup
poodles and tiny toy poodles puppies
Little Red Ryder

I'm  Ryder. I have a beautiful thick/curly
mahogany red coat.
I'm 5.25 lbs and 8.75" tall.

PRA-PRCD- Normal/Clear

If you would like more information on
one of our puppies, please click the
email link or call us at:
(10AM to 8PM)
We are located near Toronto, Ontario
If the email link does not work,
please copy and paste my email address:
Prima Donna

Tiny Toy Female

Prima is a 3rd generation poodle born here.
She is 4 lbs and 8 1/4" tall. As you can see in
her picture, she likes to lift her paws when you
talk to her.

PRA-PRCD- Normal/Clear
Brown Toy Poodle

Dallas is a bigger girl who will produce some
toy/tiny toy size puppies for us. Not everyone
wants the little tiny ones so we listened and
now have a couple bigger girls.
Dallas is 6.5 lbs and 8.75" tall.

PRA-PRCD- Normal/Clear
Lilyia's Red Roy
(A.K.A. Cody)

My Name is Cody. I'm a nice dark red.
I'm 3 lbs 10 oz and 9" tall

PRA-PRCD- Normal/Clear

"Now Retired"