When a puppy goes to their new home, it is a very stressful time for them. They are dealing with leaving mom and
siblings, car/air travel, new people and a new home. It’s important to know the signs and symptoms and how to treat
your pup in the event that it's sugar levels should drop. Thinking quickly can save your puppies life.


Hypoglycemia can occur without warning to any healthy puppy so it’s best to know the symptoms so you can react
quickly. Signs of hypoglycemia are: trouble walking, falling over, listlessness, shaking, stiffening up, seizures and
collapsing on their side with feet kicking. In a severe case, they will be on their side and be totally unresponsive or

IT is important that you act IMMEDIATELY!!! If your puppies sugar level is not raised immediately, coma, brain damage
and/or death can occur.


It’s best to have Nutri-cal on hand since it is made to absorb directly into the blood stream. However, if you don’t have
any, give a small dose of  karo syrup, honey, sugar or pancake syrup. Do not give artificial sweeteners. They are bad
for your dog and will not do anything to raise the sugar level. If the puppy is unable to swallow, rub some of the
syrup/Nutri-cal on his gums and the roof of his mouth. Do not poor liquid down his throat. This could cause him to
choke. Force his mouth open if you have to. You need to get the sugar in his system ASAP. It may be necessary to give
more than one dose. You should see an improvement within 10-15 minutes. After the puppy comes around, it’s
important to get some food into him to get his sugar level back up to normal.

IMPORTANT! If your puppy does not respond after 10-15 minutes, take him immediately to the Vet. Make sure you tell
the Vet that you think it’s Hypoglycemia. Some vets are not familiar with treating tiny dogs and have never seen a case
before. Many puppies have died needlessly while waiting for test results to come in.

Caring for your Puppy after an attack.

Some puppies come around right away but if it was a severe attack it could take hours. Make sure the puppy is eating
and drinking. You may have to hand feed. Also continue with the Nutrical. Keep the puppy warm and don’t let him tire
himself out.

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