Health Guarantee

Your teacup/tiny toy poodle puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of pick
up or shipping. In order for your health guarantee to be in effect, you must take your
puppy to a licensed veterinarian with 3 days of delivery (not including weekends or

This guarantee is intended to cover life threatening genetic/congential defects that are
unforseeable at the time of delivery. It is
not intended to cover things which are prone to
the breed and size of dog. This would include hypoglycemia, open fontanel, loose
patellas, uneven bites, undecended testicles, and inguinal or umbilical hernias,epilepsy,
or allergies.

Your puppy is guaranteed up until 1 year of age for any life threatening hereditary or
genetic defects (e.g. Heart, liver or kidneys). Puppies do get stressed out over shipping, a
new home, too much handling and not eating properly. These conditions can bring on
worms, coccidia, giardia and hypoglycemia. All are treatable and not a reason to return
your puppy and are not covered in the health guarantee.

If your puppy is diagnosed with a life threatening genetic defect within the first year of its
life, a replacement puppy will be given for the same value. The buyer must return the
puppy at their expense. A letter is also required from a licensed veterinarian stating his
findings. Seller has a right to have her vet examine the puppy as well to verify that there is
a genetic defect. NO CASH REFUNDS.

In the event that the puppy should die within the first year of life, the microchip must be
identified by a licensed veterinarian and an autopsy performed .A copy of such report
must forwarded to the seller before determining whether a replacement will be made. This
is to verify that the puppy actually died from a genetic defect and not an accidental death.
Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian fees.

Buyer assumes all responsibility and liability for the care and condition of the puppy once
it has left our left our premises or has been dropped  off at the airport for shipping. Any
conditions cause by accidents or neglect will void any guarantee.

Items Not Covered in the Health Guarantee

Worms & Parasites, including Coccidia and Giardia (common in puppies).  All puppies are
wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks old, but additional treatment may be necessary.  We
recommend bringing a stool sample from your puppy to his/her wellness check-up.

We do not make any guarantee for size, colour, breeding/show quality or luxating patellas.
We do our very best to estimate the adult weight of a puppy based on the size of parents,
parents background, previous litters , bone structure etc but it is only an estimate.  
Colours can also change as pups get older.Buyer is aware that tiny dogs are prone to
luxating patellas and Hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia  is 100% preventable.  Please carefully read the enclosed article that we
provide so that you will know what the signs are and how to treat it in the event that your
pup’s sugar level should drop.

Umbilical Hernias are common in puppies and usually disappear by 6 months of age.  
They develop when the umbilical cord is cut too close to the abdomen.

If you are purchasing this puppy for the purpose of breeding, we do not guarantee the
breeding potential of any puppy. Puppies are sold as pet quality.

We do not guarantee any Non-life threatening health problems.

If you purchase a puppy from My Teacup Poodles, you are accepting the terms of this
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