Teacup Poodle Care
teacup poodles and tiny toy poodles
Teacup and Tiny Toy Poodle Care


Due to their small size, Teacup Poodles must be feed small meals every 4 hours for at least the first 3-
4 months4 months. It’s important to keep food and water available to them at all times. You will be
given a sample of the food that the puppy is eating and it’s important not to change the food right away.
Wait a couple weeks and then do so gradually so that you don’t upset their stomach. Be sure your
puppy has a small meal right before he goes to bed at night and as soon as he wakes up in the
morning. If your puppy won’t eat, you can feed him/she small pieces of cooked chicken. It is important
that they eat so that their sugar does not drop.

It’s also good to keep a tube of Nutri-cal on hand for the teacups and tiny toys. This can be given at
least 3 times a day and after your puppy had been actively playing. Nutri-cal will help stimulate your
pup’s appetite and provides an added source of energy.

Confine Your Puppy

It’s important to keep your puppy confined to a small area when you are not playing with them. I use a
small playpen which provides room for food and water, a litter box/pee pad, a bed and toys for him to
play with. As they get older, you can increase their space. This will also aid in the potty training. Never
leave them unattended. Because of their tiny size, they can break bones by knocking something over
or falling etc.

Puppies should only play for short periods of time. They will tire themselves out and forget to eat. After
playing with your pup, give him a small dose of Nutri-cal or  Karo syrup and then put him in his play
area to rest.


Make sure you have a firm grip on your puppy at all times. These little guys can wiggle themselves
lose in a flash. Many fatalities and broken bones have been caused by dogs wiggling out of an owner
arms or jumping for the couch/bed. Remember these puppies are very small and a fall from 2 feet can
be fatal.


Hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar) is a condition where the blood sugar drops to extremely low levels.
This is usually caused by lack of food but can be cause by stress as well. Teacups have a tiny
digestive system and can only store small amounts of energy in their bodies at a time. As their bodies
grow, they tend to out grow this condition and are able to go for longer periods without food.

Symptoms and Treatment ( Click on the link)
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